About me

I am a software engineer based in Toronto. I wrote my first line of code in Visual Basic for class in high school. Within the year I had moved on to Objective-C and c. Having found my calling, I earned a degree in Computer Science. Currently, I consult and freelance as well as develop cool things in my spare time.

I take great pride in the quality of my work. I embrace the “less, but better” maxim coined by industrial designer Dieter Rams. Functionality and aesthetics are not something I consider to be mutually exclusive.

I mostly development for macOS, iOS, and OpenBSD. Where I specializing in security and frameworks. The languages I frequent are Objective-C, c, Swift, Crystal, and Ruby.

The posts, apps, tools, and code presented here reflect my wide range of interests. It is my hope that you may find my work entertaining, enlightening, and above all useful.



Any code written by me, Christian Huxtable, and released in the directory ‘/posts’ and/or any of its subdirectories, unless otherwise documented, is licensed with the following ISC License.