Painlessly Generate Passwords

StrongPassword is a simple utility that painlessly generates random passwords. It is designed to be used with a password manager. 1Password, Dashlane, or LastPass are common examples. While Apple provides the built-in Keychain with macOS.

Generated passwords can be have variable length and character sets. The strength indicator provides an easy to read gauge of quality. The copy button makes it easy to enter the generated password into other programs. It also securely clears the copy/paste after use to limit unnecessarily exposure.

StrongPassword is designed only to provide password generation. If you use and forget a password generated by this application there is no way to retrieve or regenerate it.

StrongPassword is available for free on the Mac App Store.

Screen Shots


StrongPassword uses several methods to ensure the greatest possible randomness. The source of random numbers is arc4random(3), one of the best generators available. Each character is reduced from 64 bits of entropy using a uniform, modulo-bias free algorithm. Lastly, each character is mapped using a randomized, bias-free, shuffling algorithm.

Portions of StrongPasswords code is available as open-source (ISC licensed) in CBHRandomKit. My aim has been to provide an easy source of good random numbers for other programmers projects.