Disabling init

Sometimes you just don't want to support init


Sometimes you don’t want to support init, or another method. How best do you do it?

In the old days you would be to catch it in runtime; call [self release], error, then return nil. This approach should no longer be used. It leaves a ticking timebomb waiting for somebody, quite possibly a later version of yourself, to call it and blow everything up.

Since macOS 10.7 and iOS 5 NSObjCRuntime.h has included NS_UNAVAILABLE. An easy to use macro wrapper of the unavailable __attribute__. This is great as it provides a compile time error when the method is used, preventing any issue from ever even reaching runtime.

@interface SomeClass : NSObject
// ...
- (instancetype)init NS_UNAVAILABLE;
// ...

More generally, you can use this to cause a compile error for any method you need it to.


Apple has also conveniently added NS_SWIFT_UNAVAILABLE to allow you to disable Objective-C methods in Swift.


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