A simple utility that painlessly generates random passwords.

Tools, Daemons, and Programs

  • nongrata: Securely generates sanitized, aggregate, IP blacklists.

Libraries and Code


  • Adds pledge(2) features for crystal.
  • Simplifies privilege separation, and chroot in Crystal.
  • Adds syslog functionality to crystal via LibC bindings.
  • Adds atomic writing to File.
  • A more ‘human’ configuration format and parser.
  • Separates a files front matter from its content.
  • IP address encapsulation and verification.
  • Hostname encapsulation and verification.


  • CHRandomKit: An easier & safer to use interface for good cryptographically secure random.
  • CHBenchmarkKit: A modular benchmarking framework for Objective-C.
  • CHTapeKit: A lightweight & fast Objective-C implementation of a doubly linked list.
  • CHStack: A lightweight & fast Objective-C implementation of a stack.

Other Projects