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Tools, Daemons, and Programs

PhET iOS AppSTEM education application written in Swift and Objective-C.
nongrataSecurely generates sanitized, aggregate, IP blacklists.

Libraries and Code


CBHFileSystemEventKitWatch for file system events.
CBHGeometryKitImproved tools for using Foundation geometry.
CBHRandomKitGenerate cryptographically secure random numbers and data.
CBHCompressKitCompress NSData.
CBHDigestKitCalculate Digests/Hashs.
CBHEncodeingKitEncode data in Base64 and Base32.
CBHDateKitConvenient methods for NSDate.
CBHMapReduceKitMap, Filter, and Reduce Foundation Collections.
CBHMemoryKitSafer memory management and manipulation.
CBHCollectionKitSpecialty primitive and object-oriented collections.
CBHStringSplitterStream-based string splitting.
CBHBenchmarkKitStatistical, time-based, benchmarking.
CBHWindowManagerManagement for NSWindow and NSWindowController objects.
CBHPreferencesManagerManagement and notification of user preferences.
CBHAboutWindowA fancier about window.


pledge.crAdds OpenBSD pledge(2) to crystal.
restrict.crSimplifies privilege separation, and chroot in Crystal.
syslog.crAdds syslog functionality to Crystal via LibC bindings.
atomic_write.crAdds atomic writing to File.
config.crA more ‘human’ configuration format and parser.
front_matter.crSeparates a files front matter from its content.
ip_address.crIP address encapsulation and verification.
hostname.crHostname encapsulation and verification.